Barbeque BBQ Brush Review

Cleaning the BBQ is always a nasty job. When I came across this new brush design I was not expecting to be impressed. We have an infrared grill so the grates aren’t the same as a traditional grill, which makes it harder to clean. However, I was super excited when … Continue reading

Anaiti Luminous Cream

Wow! This stuff is amazing! When opening the bottle for the first time, a refreshing citrus scent wafts your way. It absorbs quickly and smoothly. I felt a tingling on my face so hopefully that means it’s doing something amazing! It doesn’t make my skin feel oily or coated with … Continue reading

Eye Mask for Sleeping

Got this eye mask to test. The idea is that in the summer time when it’s light later, and it’s time for sleep that you can block the light and get more sleep.  I have a couple other eye masks from several years ago.  They are cotton.  This eye mask … Continue reading