Sansho/Sechuan Buttons

Read about these and they are supposed to be like pop-rocks or a battery fizz in your mouth! What fun! Couldn’t find a local store carrying them, so ordered online. Found Marx Foods $39.95 for 30 and Sun Grown Organics $25 for 25 plus $7.50 handling plus shipping. Decided to … Continue reading

Immunity Boosters

This fall and winter have been brutal for contagious diseases. At my daughter’s school, there was first just the regular cold/flu, then swine flu, then lice. We weren’t hit too hard, but it was a good reminder to be sure to keep your body fit and well. A few things … Continue reading

Quinoa Salad Recipe

Quinoa is a wonderful, versatile grain that’s easy to cook, high in protein and a great addition to any meal.  This salad was created in a moment of inspiration while desperately looking in my cupboards and refrigerator for  something to cook for dinner!  Make it early so the flavors have … Continue reading

Green Tea

I’ve started drinking Green Tea.  It seems that 2 cups per day with lemon in it is a great way to get antioxidants and the lemon makes them 4x more accessible.  Great information on Green Tea from Dr Weil.  A few tips for brewing green tea so it doesn’t become … Continue reading