Eye Mask for Sleeping

Got this eye mask to test. The idea is that in the summer time when it’s light later, and it’s time for sleep that you can block the light and get more sleep.  I have a couple other eye masks from several years ago.  They are cotton.  This eye mask … Continue reading

Stainless Steel Coffee Mug

Beautiful steel mug! Love the look of the mug part. The handle seems to be designed funny and I would actually prefer the mug without the handle. Very drinkable and nice insulation. Bummer that you can’t reheat drinks in the microwave, but that’s the price you pay for a super … Continue reading

Turmerex Turmeric Capsules

Turmeric is reputed to be a magic cure-all so I make my kids take it to stay well during the winter.  This brand is nice since it is in easy-to-swallow capsules.  I like that it has no added flavors or coloring so it seems pure.  According to WebMD, turmeric can ease … Continue reading

Recipe with Nasoya Pasta Zero

Started with the basic recipe included in the packet then went a little off course: Rinse pasta in cool water Saute garlic Add some grilled onions Cherry tomatoes, sliced Green olives, sliced Yellow sweet pepper, diced Fresh oregano generously salt and pepper ENJOY! *Received the noodles free, opinions are my … Continue reading