Nuts over Coconuts!

i first tried coconut water in asia about 20 years ago. It was at a roadside stand in india. one of the mantras while traveling is asia is “don’t eat anything uncooked”. (forgot the rule and had ice my next trip to thailand and had a yummy jelly dessert topped with crushed ice. paid for it the next 3 days. they call it montezuma’s revenge, but i think it should be called stupid-foreigner’s-gut-wrenching-lose-three-days-of-my-vacation-moaning-in-a-dark-room-remember-to-only-eat-cooked-food-next-time-you-idiot. anyway, back in india, having not suffered yet, i believed my husband and tried some coconut water straight from the raw-uncooked coconut. the guy at the stand had a well-used old machete and with a practiced swing, whacked off the top of the coconut, and inserted straw. the nirvana of this delectable nectar! it was refreshing, glorious, a great respite while on our travels! after sucking it dry, we took the coconuts back to the machete man, he sliced off a side of the coconut shell, chopped the coconut in half. we used the slice of shell like a spoon and scooped out the luscious jelly inside. what a treat!

back at home, in the pacific northwest, we don’t get a lot of coconut trees growing by the side of the road. when we go to the asian store, my kids get a coconut each that we take home and perform our own ritualistic rites to extract the juice. but it’s not quite the same.

read about vitacoco in one of the multitude of magazines i get and am intrigued. i don’t see a retailer close to us, so i’m ordering online. bummed that it’s only through amazon as i have a love-hate relationship with them, so maybe i’ll have to drive across town. i’ll let you know, i’m sure my kids will love it!