Movie Review: Journey2 The Mysterious Island

movie imageHad the opportunity to take 3 10-year old girls to a showing of this movie. It was a great adventure story with lots of thrills and daring. There were a few scary moments (an electric eel attacking the submarine was the worst) and a giant frilled lizard, so probably not suited for younger children, but the 10-year olds had a great time. Just one scene that seemed a little unnecessary — the teenage girl character (Vanessa Hudgens) was coming out of a cave and the camera did a downward shot of a close-up of her chest so that was uncomfortable as a kids movie.

The storyline kept us all entertained. Loved the connection of Treasure Island, Robinson Caruso and Jules Verne’s The Mysterious Island. Now we need to go to the library and check out all these books! Not sure about swimming in the ocean any time soon though….. 🙂

Alpha Wolf!

The animated Alpha and Omega movie is scheduled for release Friday and we got to see it today! Great entertainment for the kids. My 6 year old and 8 year old loved it. The plot is similar to Lady & the Tramp. We don’t go to movies too often (many movies are too intense for the kids) but this one was great, lighthearted fun! Wasn’t sure what to think as the title almost seemed to have religious tones, but then after coming home, looked up to see if there really is an omega wolf and there is, so no need to be put off by the title! The omega wolf is the bottom of the pack and of course the alpha is the leader. Alpha & Omega Movie

Synopsis: This is a delightful film about a female alpha wolf being groomed for the lead position and her friendship with an omega wolf who’s always goofing off. They get moved from Canada to Idaho as part of the wolf relocation program (fortunately the politics of this practice were absent from the film!) but need to get back home to resolve a dispute between packs. On their way back home, they meet up with a couple of hilarious characters, survive a scary bear attack and fall in love. Arriving home just as two packs are ready to fight for their territory, the wolves end up resolving the showdown and everyone lives happily ever after.


  • simple, uncomplicated plot
  • no foul language or other bad stuff
  • a few hilarious jokes about going veggie-tarian ( I especially likes as I AM vegetarian)
  • overall fun time!


  • 3-d wasn’t spectacular — the first few scenes were great, but stuff didn’t really ‘pop’ after that
  • music was a little blah — midnight howling was a bit weird
  • bear attack was scary for my 6-year old
  • one time “butt” was mentioned, but it wasn’t too inappropriate
  • anthropomorphic theme (enough animals as people!)

The kids really enjoyed it and there was enough going on that us adults had a good time too. Lots of great humor, family-friendly plot and a enjoyable time!