Reclaiming plastics back into crude

Exciting news from a local company setting up a test facility to reclaim unrecyclable plastics and melt them back into crude oil. Checkout Plas2Fuel and their plans to convert plastics into petroleum products. It’s a great idea and one that I hope is profitable. Would be interesting to see how the cost of producing crude via their method compared to the cost of a barrel of crude. Visited the Waste Management landfill and recycling center in Hillsboro this week. Amazing to see the work that goes into sorting recyclables and then crushing non-recyclable material and creating the landfill. Apparently there is a market for recycled carpet pads! They had a big stack of them piled up in the corner to shake out and recycle! They are currently unable to recycle sheetrock, but I thought there were ways of doing it? Mark that down to research some day.