20 Ways To Help My Teen Deal With Dating in a Digital Age

  1. Talk about the realities of media
  2. don’t take away cell phone
  3. acknowledge that this makes me uncomfortableteen dating
  4. set clear expectations BEFORE dating happens
  5. be mindful of my own attitudes and behaviors
  6. lots of short conversations are better than one long arduous one
  7. acknowledge the difficult feelings they have
  8. make sure they have at least 1 other adult they can talk to
  9. don’t flip out — ever!  when panic strikes — say “we’ll talk about this later”
  10. get to know their friends
  11. never badmouth their friends
  12. talk about movie scenes
  13. encourage teen to set technology rules with their partner
  14. stay calm and parent on
  15. model and encourage assertiveness and self-respect for my daughter
  16. model and encourage sensitivity and connection for my son
  17. take time to understand social media
  18. make time for us to be offline together regularly
  19. how they act online is a reflection of how they feel offline
  20. let go of my need to control

Thanks to Yshai Boussi at Portland Family Counseling for this amazing list.  My teen hasn’t started dating yet.  I want to be prepared when that happens.  Knowing that sticking my head in the sand isn’t a viable parenting option, I wanted to be ready.